Block paving sealer Ottley

Block paving sealer Otley

Are weeds a problem with your block paved driveway? You need a Block paving sealer Otley. It’s the long term solution to a problem many people struggle to manage. Actually many professional drive cleaning companies struggle to manage it too. That’s because they repeatedly wash the sand out and replace with new each year. The problem with that is the joints meant to stabilise the drive are constantly being disturbed, the weeds come back with vengeance PLUS the paving blocks deteriorate quickly under the high pressure blasting. After all, they are only made from concrete and will erode.

The problem…. Each sanded joint is like a miniature flower bed. Airborne seeds drop into the sand , take root and weeds will flourish. Not to mention the weeds already under the sand growing up through. The clean dry sand originally put into the joint soon turns wet and dirty, and eventually moss forms. Also the porous concrete blocks turn damp green and black, soaked by rain the algae and lichens thrive. So the only way to thoroughly clean the blocks and drive is to pressurewash it. Blasting out the mucky jointing sand and removing surface dirt from the pavers.

The solution…. Solidify the sanded joints. The sealer we spray on the drive will cause the sand to bond together and become a unified hard substance like cement. This makes it impossible for weeds to penetrate from below. Plus it creates a hard surface that can easily be maintained by a brush, hose or even light pressure wash, all without disturbing the joints or eroding the concrete pavers.

We also carry out minor repairs where necessary and can remove oil stains, cement stains, lichens and blackspot.

Your drive will not have been cheap to install and it would be expensive to replace. So sealing it is a sensible way to protect your most valuable asset… your property. It will also make your home an attractive place as the driveway is the first thing to welcome visitors. We are authorised Smartseal applicators for block paving sealer Otley and nearby areas. Please contact us here for more information


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