Mostly roof’s don’t actually get dirty. They get regularly washed with rain-water, therefore, dirt-particles usually doesn’t get chance to settle-up there. You maybe wondering-

Why does my Roof look so dirty???

The truth -it’s mostly organic growth. These porous tiles hold onto the damp, creating perfect environment for algae, moulds, mildew, lichens, and moss to slowly form and quickly thrive right on top of your house!

Don’t panic this is not a disaster. The moss is not usually harmful. We have on occasion seen where moss has excreted an acid which eats away at the tile but this is rare ( there are thousands of different types of moss ).
1. It looks a mess – not only the roof but the ground floors too. Birds sit on your roof routing around for food caught up in the moss and happily scatter the clumps down all over your patio.
2. It fills the gutters- a constant steady stream of thick green moss fills up your gutters and drain pipes. As we clear out gutters we see the next level of moss about to fall down in its place
3. Disrupts Roof maintenance –
How can a roof survey, a tile repair or pointing the ridge be carried out on something that cannot be seen due to heavy moss growth? Remove the moss then check the state of the roof
4. It can cause tiles to crack
Moss holds water. The moss roots stick to the tile like superglue. When the moss freezes it expands. This slowly puts pressure on the tile until it gives way.
So, moss needs moving.
But you may say – I  had all the moss removed 3 years ago and look – it’s all come back already.
Removing the moss is merely the preparation. Once the roof is cleared of thick moss clumps, soil and  detritus, we can then apply the professional Roof cleaning product
With our specialist equipment, we saturate the Roof tiles to kill off the spores of biological growth which have infested your house. This is a powerful biocide developed to kill unwanted organisms and biofilm – but it can do its job without damaging or even affecting the substrate upon which it is sprayed.
Then the process is simple. Allow the weather to do the rest. The remains on the roof will dry out, then rinse away with showers and wind.
This service has definitely increased in popularity recently as homeowners are recognising the problems a heavily moss infested roof can bring- Damaging tiles, blocking water runoff, clogging gutters and downpipes, and spilling all over nice clean patios.
We also offer a pressure washing service to roofs where appropriate.
With a good pre-treatment plan in place, a gentle pressure clean can give fantastic results without causing damage to the Roof. We assess each job before we begin and discuss with you the customer what your expectations and needs are.
We are fully insured, trained and experienced in this area.
Please ask any questions about the process – we’re happy to explain!