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We take time to restore your surfaces in the safest and kindest way possible.

Our Services


Roof Cleaning Services

Mostly roof’s don’t actually get dirty. They get regularly washed with rain-water, therefore, dirt-particles usually doesn’t get chance to settle-up there. You maybe wondering- Why does my Roof look so dirty??? The truth -it’s mostly organic growth. These porous tiles hold onto the damp, creating perfect environment for algae, moulds, mildew, lichens, and moss to […]

Cladding Cleaning & Restoration

We have ten years of experience in this field of cleaning. There are different methods used for Commercial Cladding Cleaning and Restoration. We are trained and approved applicators of BROMOCO systems, the market leaders in commercial cladding cleaning and restoration. This means we use the products which give long-term value to our clients, protect the lifespan […]

Bromoco Systems

Bromoco systems provide a worldwide service and long term solutions for the restoration and maintenance of building fabric including all metal and coated substrates. A pioneer in the industry Bromoco offers a complete range of architectural restoration and maintenance services that help extend the life, increase the value and enhance the beauty of interior and [...]

Render Cleaning

Modern buildings look great when they are newly built. Smooth clean lines are in fashion with architects. But keeping them looking clean is not easy. Many Rendered wall coatings are ‘through coloured’ which means they are not to be painted, as they are breathable. The surface is not perfectly flat so they hold a lot […]

Decking Cleaning

One of the best ways to make use of garden space – a wooden deck. But as we all know, wooden decks are notorious for becoming treacherously  slippy. Especially when it’s been exposed to a long , dark ,wet winter the build up of algae can simulate an ‘ice rink ‘ and you probably dare […]

Drive & Patio Cleaning

A well-maintained driveway is a first and last thing you and your visitors see when coming or going. If you have ever tried Driveway & Patio cleaning at your home, you will know it can be a long tiresome job. We have the equipment and experience in driveway cleaning to make it an enjoyable experience […]

Why Choose Us?


Experienced & professional

We are passionate about achieving the best results possible, at an affordable cost to our customers.

Trained and Insured

We have completed the appropriate training schemes suitable for the services we offer and we are fully insured. We will provide certificates on your request.

Personal service

We are not a large company that will send a different group of staff each time we come. You will deal with the business owners.

Environmentally safe

We always consider how our actions will effect surroundings , wildlife , your property and the public.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will talk you through the cleaning process and methods selected and we guarantee to achieve what we set out to do in the initial job specification.

Excellent Customer Reviews

Our clients trust us and come back to us year after year. Recommendations are our most common source of work.


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Puregem Cleaning Services has been in the cleaning industry for over 20 years in UK. We will provide you with the highest quality of service on a consistent basis. Our services will exceed the expectations of your customers. We are dependable, reliable and professional cleaning company.

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Pressure washing Otley

If you need pressure washing Otley then look no further than Pure Gem Surface clean. We have 20 years experience cleaning and restoring many outdoor surfaces, such as Roofs, Gutters, Facias, Cladding , Walls, Drives , Patios,

Roof and Gutter cleaning otley

We have 20 years of experience of roof and gutter cleaning Otley , Ilkley, Wharfedale area. It’s important to keep your buildings rainwater drainage system running smoothly. Leaves, moss, twigs, eroded tiles and general debris will fill