A well-maintained driveway is a first and last thing you and your visitors see when coming or going. If you have ever tried Driveway & Patio cleaning at your home, you will know it can be a long tiresome job. We have the equipment and experience in driveway cleaning to make it an enjoyable experience for both you and us.

We have much experience transforming patios. A patio deep clean can transform a property. People often do not realise just how clean there surfaces will look when we’ve finished. After years of algae, moss, mould, and lichens build up on the paving slabs the original appearance can be long forgotten.

The whole garden can feel neglected when the patio is not clean.
More importantly, the green slimy stone is treacherous for homeowners or visitors, especially in our constantly damp climate.

Once we have pressure washed away the grime and slime we can then apply the treatment which kills off the heavy organic growth living on your stone or concrete. Then we usually give it a second wash to remove the stubborn stains. If the joints need any attention replacing or pointing up, we will be happy to quote and arrange for this doing.

Driveway & Patio Cleaning carried out in Leeds

We clean Yorkshire stone, natural sand stone, granite blocks, concrete slabs, resin bound, marble.

We also clean tarmac.
As Tarmac is not a perfectly flat surface – there are many small places for damp and algae to thrive. Once the moss develops on tarmac it can be difficult for the homeowner to remove.

Pressure washing the tarmac can be problematic as using high pressure can remove not only the moss but also much of the aggregate that makes up the tarmac. We treat the moss first to kill it. Then the process of washing it away is quicker and easier as we can use less pressure, being less aggressive on the substrate.

After it’s clean the spores of biofilm have been dispersed but may still be alive, ready to grow again. So we always spray the tarmac with a high-quality biocide. This soaks into the surface giving long-lasting protection against regrowth. In general, an annual spray treatment would keep your tarmac algae and moss free. The product does not discolor or bleach your tarmac and is non-caustic so will not cause any damage.

Driveway and Patio Cleaning in Leeds

Whether its tarmac, imprinted concrete, block paving or resin bound driveway,  PureGem has the tools and techniques to get it done at a competitive price. We also offer a sealing service. This protects your drive from stains and wears whilst improving its aesthetic. We cover most towns in the UK, including Leeds, Bradford, Otley, Ilkley, Harrogate, Bramhope, Menston, Skipton, Halifax, West Yorkshire. We also travel to other parts of the UK on request.