Gutter cleaning in Harrogate

We recommend gutter cleaning in Harrogate on at least an annual basis. However we find some will need doing more frequently if they have surrounding trees. It does not take much foliage to block up downpipes. Leaves, moss, soil and twigs all slide down the roof and land in the gutter. This is encouraged by wind, rain and even birds sat on the roof rummaging around in the moss. When wet it compacts and pressure slowly moves it down into a joint or bend. If left long enough it will even solidify, totally blocking the rain water system of the building. Then when it rains ,the water has to go somewhere. Somewhere you don’t want it to…. pouring down the walls, we’ve even seen it directly seep through window frames. This would have been easily prevented by a simple routine scheduled gutter clearance. DONT WAIT TILL A PROBLEM BECOMES EVIDENT.

We are happy to come and check your gutters ,as you cannot usually see from ground level what is sat in your guttering and especially what’s in the joints and downpipes.

What time of year should Gutters be cleared out?

Don’t make the mistake of waiting till spring. If you go into winter with blocked gutters they can freeze, expand and crack.

The moss continually falls in the gutters

We offer a full roof cleaning service. We remove all the moss from the roof and apply a biocidal treatment http://Roof cleaning . This soaks into the tile , killing off all spores of moss, algae and lichen which are infesting your roof tiles. In some cases we can do this without pressure washing , avoiding wear and tear to the roof.

We also clean facias , soffits and pvc gutters, removing ingrained dirt and grime to restore the gleaming white surface.

For your gutter cleaning in Harrogate contact us here for a quotation

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