One of the best ways to make use of garden space – a wooden deck.

But as we all know, wooden decks are notorious for becoming treacherously  slippy. Especially when it’s been exposed to a long , dark ,wet winter the build up of algae can simulate an ‘ice rink ‘ and you probably dare not even walk on it.

If continually left unmaintained parts of the deck will even rot and an unsuspecting visitor can end up putting there foot right though the rotten wood. Leaving them injured and you embarrassed.
Do not let it get to this stage !!
If it has then you will need to replace some or all of the timber. Cedar , pine , birch , oak , hardwood , softwood – they all are commonly used in the UK. They ALL NEED maintaining. Cleaning is a vitally important part of this.


We can pressure wash away the dirt , grime and slime, this will produce a massive improvement. But we’re not finished – we then apply a treatment to remove the biological growth living on the wood. This will produce the excellent results that you need. The high purity biocide soaks into the wood and gives lasting protection against instant regrowth. With regular re treatment you will notice the wood will last much longer as the product also acts as preservative – fighting off mould , fungi , wet and dry rot.


In some cases where necessary we can strip off the old wood stain , clean the wood , then re coat the deck with a product of your choice.
We can also treat your patio furniture ,cedar cladding , railings and anywhere else you chose to use the most natural building product in use – wood .
The product we use is non bleaching , non caustic and is bio-degradable. We can spray treat any hard to reach areas as we have equipment , training , qualifications and most important – experience !