Modern buildings look great when they are newly built. Smooth clean lines are in fashion with architects. But keeping them looking clean is not easy. Many Rendered wall coatings are ‘through coloured’ which means they are not to be painted, as they are breathable. The surface is not perfectly flat so they hold a lot of damp and this is the perfect conditions for algae to thrive. This algae soon builds up a nice green shade to your once pristine wall.

If left alone it may develop black and even red staining.

Do not hesitate to get this cleaned. If left too long it damages the surface of your rendered coating.
We have experience cleaning all kinds of contamination off rendered walls.
The most effective way to deal with organic growth like this  is to treat the substrate with a specialist product.  This will kill off the biofilm. Once it has died it should disappear. In more severe cases it can be gently rinsed off with a light pressure wash.

This process has come to be known as ‘softwashing’ ( as oppose to pressure washing ). This technique obviously has a big advantage in the fact you are not aggressively washing the surface with high pressure and volume of water. However, the chemicals that are used in softwashing can cause problems if  left to an untrained or careless contractor.

We will be happy to come and assess the cleaning of your property. We’ll then give you a method statement of exactly how we will clean, what products we will use and of course the price of the job. We also will point out any staining and causes for this, plus our plan to remove the stains and the methods and products available. We will identify any potential problem areas eg. Flowers, pets, aquatic life, and we like to make sure you are happy with our process before we start.

As part of the clean we always wash the property – ensuring dust , grime , cobwebs , bird  dirt etc is removed before the treatment is applied.
We will take great pleasure transforming your property and will use all our experience, enthusiasm and expertise to give you the bests results possible.