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We have 20 years of experience of roof and gutter cleaning Otley , Ilkley, Wharfedale area. It’s important to keep your buildings rainwater drainage system running smoothly. Leaves, moss, twigs, eroded tiles and general debris will fill up your gutters and gulleys and eventually block the downpipes. The water will find another route to drain out. This could lead to damp problems on the outside of the house or even worse make its way inside. We also check the drains at ground level as many blockages are at the bottom of the downpipes where debris has collected. It’s important to get gutters cleared before winter. If they are full of water and it freezes , they will crack and then need replacing.

What’s causing the gutters to fill up ? If it’s a moss covered roof we have the long term solution. We can manually remove all the moss by gently scraping it off and bagging it up. We can dispose of it for you. We then treat the tiles with Algoclear Pro biocide which ensures any living organisms or biofilm dies off and detaches. This is all done without pressure washing the tiles so therefore is termed ‘ softwashing ‘. It produces fantastic results and causes least damage. We can then re apply the biocide at intervals specific to your surroundings ( annual or bi annual) to ensure algae and moss are never allowed to take over your building again ! This is often the case with concrete roof tiles. They are porous and have a coarse surface perfect for algae and moss to take hold and colonise. Slate roofs are a different matter. Moss does not tend to grow as it’s a smooth surface and less porous. However we can still treat your slate, be it natural slate or man made cement fibre. A clean, maintained roof actually adds value to your property.

Moss removed then Algoclear brushed in

Contact us here for your roof and gutter cleaning Otley, Ilkley , Harrogate. PureGem surface clean will not disappoint you.

Roof and gutter cleaning

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